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PRICING AND PACKAGES                       


At Space Composer we offer high-end organizing services without luxury price-tags.

Our work is based on an hourly rate of $90 per hour per organizer. 

Our minimum session is 4 hours. You can pay as you go OR you can purchase different package 

options (most of which have a slight discount).

Compare our packages and find one that will bring  harmony  into your life...

10 Hours 

for the price 

of 8 Package

Get 10 hours of 

organizing BUT only 

pay for eight

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Plan Creating


In a 2-hour session 

with one one of our 

specialists, we will create 

an efficient "plan of 

attack' tailored to your 

space needs and offer 

advice on customized 

solutions and products 

that will make your 

space flow organically


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Don't know where to 

start?  In a 4 hour 

session with an 

experienced and resourceful Space 

Composer organizer we 

will get you started and 

on your way to having 

your dream space.

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The Home



8 hours with two Space 

Composer team members 

will go a long way 

towards turning chaos 

into order and making your space harmonious.

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& Donate 


Get a 4-hour session 

with two Space Composer 

team members and we will 

help you make executive 

decisions about your items 

& we will make a run to 

the charity of your choice 

so you don't have to make 

the trip. Talk about 

lightening your load! 

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Move In 

& Move On


Within 6 hours with 

two organizers, we will 

unpack the highest 

priority spaces, easing 

the move-in process 

so you and yours don't 

have to live surrounded 

by boxes for weeks 

to come.

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Prepping for

the Sale


In a 5-hour session 

with organizers we will 

make sure your space will 

look its best for picture 

taking and for showings:  

we will declutter, advise on floor 

layouts and help you 

enhance the key areas 

of your home.

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The Gift 

of Organizing

Know someone who

could benefit from an 

organizing session (or 

sessions) with a talented 

Space Composer organizer? 

Get them a Space Composer 

gift certificate and give 

them the gift of harmony 

in their space.


(you chose the amount)

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