Moving is one of the most stressful events in someone’s life and can bring unexpected levels of anxiety: Directing the movers, doing last minute packing, labeling boxes, securing elevators, dealing with permits, etc... We are here to deal with all the stress so you don't have to.

The Space Composer team can help you with:

- The pre-moving process a.k.a. planning and purging. We'll help you figure out what you want and need to take to your new space. Don't move what you don't need to move, it will save you money! We can arrange for donations, recycle or refuse pickup/drop offs.

- The hiring and overseeing of the movers to make sure it's all a smooth operation.

- Unpacking and organizing of your new space, so your home is functional from Day One and you don’t live around boxes for months to come!  

Call the Space Composer team (917-952-8024) today if you are moving OR if you have had some work done in your home and need to put everything back in its place.


Want to de-clutter and maximize your storage space areas to bring more harmony to your environment? At Space Composer we create solutions for your storage and clutter problems: 

 - Making more efficient layouts for Kitchens, Attics,Closets, Basements, etc… You name it, we’ll re-organize it!

- Tackling the messiest children’s rooms. Ask us about how we can make organizing fun for your kids.

- Purging what's no longer needed and arranging what's left into a system that helps you find what you need at any given time.


Are you trying to sell your space and would like to make it is look more "appealing"? I'm sure your realtor has told you that "clutter doesn't sell". 

Here are some of the things we do to help you close-the-deal:

- Identifying the items that should be relocated, stored away and donated AND arrange for those items to leave you house.

- Enhancing the strong selling areas of your home for a bigger profit

- Arranging rooms into appealing spaces that flow


Want to be more productive at work?

Want your working space to be more inspiring?

Can you find what you need at any given time? 

We will customize the needs of your business and/or your working space:

- Desk areas. Remember ,"Clear desk, clear mind"

- Filing systems that work

- Re-arranging Storage rooms   


If what you need is regular maintenance of the organizing systems already in place, we can provide you with a regular maintenance service at a special fee.

At Space Composer we offer a comprehensive array of professional organizing services. We are pet-friendly, kid-friendly, and most of our crew members are fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We are insured and bonded.